TRUE FACTS, mostly:

# when fzort started to teach himself programming, 48 kilobytes [*] were a huge amount
  of RAM, and 3.5 inch floppy disks were secret area 51 alien technology. back then
  people actually used cassette tapes as data storage devices.

# that is, sometime around the mesozoic era.

# you'd assume that someone who has been doing something for that long would be really
  competent at it by now.

# most assumptions are wrong.

# however fzort has at least one claim to nerd fame: this entry to the 2005 ioccc

# about which you don't give a sh*t, since you're one of those javascript hipsters.

# in which case you should get out of fzort's lawn.

# anyway, fzort also released one or two games.

# there should be a link to fzort's github account here, with about 43 craptacular
  repositories, but fzort recently deleted his account in a fit of ragequit.

# a new github account should appear sometime soon.

# the trefoil knot? no idea. fzort made a program to generate that image a few years back.

# mpr (at) fzort (dot) org is a real e-mail address.

# this page was last updated on Mon Jul 20 00:01:41 PDT 2015

[*] as in 48*1024 bytes. not giga. not mega.